The Freedom of Choice

We make countless decisions throughout our lives – from the small daily ones like choosing your clothes for the day and deciding what to eat for lunch, to the big ones like choosing our life partner. I follow one simple rule for most meaningful decision making in my life – make the decision yourself because … More The Freedom of Choice

The Copy Brat

It’s amazing how good children are at selective imitation. On the one hand, you can demonstrate a hundred times that the shoes must go on the shoe rack, but you’ll still find them lying on your dining table or stuffed into your cupboard. On the other hand, do something that you probably shouldn’t have (in … More The Copy Brat

My Baby of Steel

My husband loves superheroes. We follow every single superhero series out there and it’s mandatory to go to the cinema on the opening night for every superhero movie. My husband’s love for superheros is such that I actually threw him a surprise superhero themed birthday party for his 30th, for which all his friends dressed … More My Baby of Steel

Daddy’s Girl

There is no doubt that Baby A is daddy’s little girl. She’s got her father wrapped around that tiny little finger of hers and not only does she know it, she knows how to keep it that way. Daddy usually gets home right around bedtime and she only has to hear the key turn in the main … More Daddy’s Girl