Mommy Hands

Of the hundreds of memorable lunches that I shared with my colleagues before Baby A was born, there is one that I remember because of a fleeting conversation. I was a few months pregnant, and the first person in the team to be expecting a child, so everyone was excited. I don’t remember what we … More Mommy Hands

I for Independence

My parents have often told me stories of my younger self, demanding to do everything myself. ‘Hira khud’ (Hira self) was a very popular phrase in my toddler vocabulary. I would even go shopping with my mum to choose my own clothes. Once, I must’ve been about three, my mother bought a frock for me … More I for Independence

The Baby Tax

We reside in a tax-free country, but the little dictator in our house didn’t get the memo. Since Baby A started walking and rapidly expanding her dietary horizons, all food consumed by anyone in her vicinity is taxed. The tax rate is variable and so is the tax period. Sometimes you may be asked to … More The Baby Tax