Ramadan for Toddlers

I have very fond childhood memories of Ramadan. It was like the whole atmosphere in our house became richer for that one month. Waking up for sehri (suhour) as a family, listening to the Quran on the TV, praying together, trying to maximise good deeds, having relatives over for iftari (iftaar), and then of course, … More Ramadan for Toddlers

400 Questions

Does Baby A know how old she is? If you ask her, she will tell you that she’s two, but that’s probably because that’s the answer she’s been taught to give. In her mind, I think that Baby A believes that she’s four. There could be no other explanation for the number of questions she … More 400 Questions

Mommy Hands

Of the hundreds of memorable lunches that I shared with my colleagues before Baby A was born, there is one that I remember because of a fleeting conversation. I was a few months pregnant, and the first person in the team to be expecting a child, so everyone was excited. I don’t remember what we … More Mommy Hands

Parental Negotiation 101: Getting Your Toddler to Do Your Bidding

My husband and I have recently started to watch CBS’s new drama series, Ransom. The story revolves around a professional crisis and hostage negotiator and his team negotiating their way out of potentially catastrophic situations with the aim of saving lives. This post about negotiation tactics may not give you the tools to save lives, … More Parental Negotiation 101: Getting Your Toddler to Do Your Bidding

I for Independence

My parents have often told me stories of my younger self, demanding to do everything myself. ‘Hira khud’ (Hira self) was a very popular phrase in my toddler vocabulary. I would even go shopping with my mum to choose my own clothes. Once, I must’ve been about three, my mother bought a frock for me … More I for Independence